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Viruses and Epidemics: from the writings of Ann Ree Colton

"Mediative Healing" by Ann Ree Colton

Mass karmic correction is experienced through epidemics, plagues, famines, earth calamities, water inundations, earthquakes in finance and in the earth itself. All of these are used by the Lords of Karma who maintain the balance within the Just Law and the Ultimate Laws of God. Before this century has ended, this will begin to surface visually to the perceptive. (Owe No Man)

All forms of cell malfunction are caused by astral psychical viruses under control of the Destroying Archetypes which are presently attacking the immunizing life-force energies of mankind….Man has upset the cell, virus and bacterial system through his lack of reverence for life. The outer pollution in the earth’s atmosphere is but the projection of man’s own second and third-chakra pressures of mixed-up greed and deluded fantasies regarding self and sex. (The Archetypal Kingdom)

The astral world is filled with planes of correspondences. That which is bacteria on earth has an exact corresponding correlative in the astral life as thought. When great epidemics occur on earth, it is because mass thought has gotten out of order. The metaphysicians of the earth should first define the streams of thought alien to health.

Nothing physical ever completely heals the physical body. Healing first takes place in the mind, working through thought correspondences by faith. If the thought causing sickness is etched in from other lives, this sometimes requires many lives to set it aright. A so-called incurable disease is a cell imbalanced by a bacterial agent out of tune with its thought correspondence in the astral world. (The Archetypal Kingdom)

Universal diagnostic helps and healing techniques are received during the instruction of the night. Cause and origins of a disease are identified to the dream initiate. Karmic influence upon germ life and bacteria is discerned and understood. The study of septic antipathies are discovered through which the psychic aspect of a virus is pinpointed, weighed and understood. (Watch Your Dreams)

Love gives to the body immunity against sickness, disease and sin. (Owe No Man)

We have an epidemic of spiritual ignorance in this country. (The Pelican and the Chela)

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