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Yea verily, He is risen!

Beloved Co-disciples,

This is a Lent and Eastertide that we will always remember. The year 2020 adds up to a 40; Lent commemorates Jesus’ forty-day fast. Moses spent a symbolic 40 years in the wilderness. So we shouldn’t be surprised that we are all undergoing a kind of wilderness experience, a unique kind of collective fast and sacrifice – also an encounter with conscience on a larger scale. Through Lenten prayer, repentance, and renunciation, we are cleansed and purified in preparation for the wonders of Easter morning when the Christ is revealed.

Each of us carries a weight on our hearts. It is the stone we have placed there in our own betrayals of self and God. But during Lent and at Easter there is the potential for the stone to be rolled away, and for the tomb to become the cocoon of our emergence, the “castle of transcending” (ARC).


Each time we think upon the risen Christ, we arise from the tomb of the self. We become immortal creators for God.

We are teachers and apostles if we believe in the Christ. We can best teach of the Christ when we live Him. Let us begin now to live within His Light with joy.

On Easter morning, Jesus, the Sovereign of the human spirit, speaks into our thoughts, saying, “You are divine, you are immortal, you are eternal.” Because men have yet to learn the tender message of Jesus, they are now in a hard way, and a hard task is given unto them. Those who believe on Jesus are entrusted to return an ethic to the world. They see Jesus as the Door to their own resurrection; and thus they are enabled to build in the world with dignity, with honor. (Ann Ree Colton)

May your joy be full during the sacred days of Easter. May your spirit ascend with the Risen Lord, that His Light may enfold and enlighten you. (Jonathan Murro)


In Niscience we trust in the revelation of Easter. We arise early to greet His appearance. How glorious His countenance. How wondrous the Plan of God!

Beneath the surface of things we know that even now something wondrous is coming to pass: a transformation, a resurrection, a knowing of God.

With deepest gratitude for all my Niscience co-disciples, and on behalf of our beloved Teachers, Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro, I wish you all a most glorious Easter sunrise of realization and union with God.


Enys Miller


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